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At about 3 hours from Bangkok by the road, and 30 minutes by boat from the seaside town of Bamphe, the island of Samet offers very beautiful beaches with one of the whitest sand of Thailand.

Map of Ko Samet

The Beaches:

A meeting point for Thai youngsters and many expatriates who escape the capital the time of a weekend, there can be found several areas with bungalows at good rates, excellent local restaurants, a number of aquatic activities, masseurs offering their service on the beaches, outdoor bars and discos for the evenings…

The island is part of the National Park of Samet since 1981 and covers an area of 130 km2. The place is very little watered by rains that make this destination prized all along the year. The name of Samet comes from the Cajeput trees that abound the island and served once to the construction of the boats and also used as firewood.

The island of Samet is a little paradise at a few hours of Bangkok, and is a very good alternative for those who may not have the time for a longer or more costly journey to the islands in the South of Thailand.

It is also possible to stay on the continent in a Resort and to reach the island rapidly in speed-boat during the day or by regular boat like the one below in 30 minutes.

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Hat Sai Keow is the longest beach on the island East coast with more than one kilometre. Several areas of bungalows are found there, but this beach will be favored for its night-time activities with restaurants and bars on the beach that make the place livelier at sunset until late in the night, with ambiance guaranteed!

Infos! Taste the good cuisine of the Little Hut restaurant that also owns a few huts on the edge of a hill. The "Seafood Hot Plate" of the Silver Sand is the best of the island: dish of seafood with vegetables and fruits in sauce served on a hot stone.

The beach of Hat Sai Keow

The Samed VillaAs for the best fish caught in the waters of Ko Samet (the samlie-fish), you will be able to taste it at the Samed Villa managed by Joseph, a Swiss who arrived on the island several years ago, and that possesses the last bungalows at the south of Hat Sai Keow, on the beach of Ao Phai.

Avoid to rent sea scooters considering the problems they cause to the nature, but also to the users who will have to bear all costs (in cash!) in case of accident, if the scooters do not have an insurance...

Access: 30 mn by boat from Bamphe to Samet pier, then 15 mn on foot, or 5 min by vehicle (20Thb) to reach the north of the beach. For the south, you have to get off at Ao Phai.

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Ao Phrao Resort

Ao Phrao is situated on the West coast, and is the rare beach of Samet island to offer the possibility to admire sunsets. One of the most luxurious hotel of the island is the Ao Prao Resort, with its 60 rooms and bungalows, situated on the beach and on the side of the hill in a tropical garden. A second compound of villas under construction is intended to the honeymoons.Ao Phrao Resort - Outdoor Restaurant

odgings with air-conditioned rooms, bathroom, hot water, television, telephone… Thai and international restaurant, with seafood barbecue every evening.

Access: 30 mn by boat from Bamphe to Ao Phrao, or by vehicle from Nadan, the pier of Samet (15 mn). 15 mn. of navigation by speed-boat.

Info! The first category (standard) offers small rooms in a building (very very small room !), the second (deluxe) proposes cottages a little too close one to the other, and the following categories (beach front cottage and junior suite) are the best deal with some units in seafront.

Activities there: the hotel offers windsurfing activities, equipment for snorkeling, sea canoes, a Hobie Cat catamaran, and mountain bicycles permitting the exploration of the island's ground. A school of PADI diving also proposes courses and trips in the sea everyday.

A room at the Ao Phrao Resort
Activities at the Ao Phrao Resort

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The beach of Ao Phutsa & Ao Thapthim

Ao Phutsa / Ao Thapthim is one of our favorites for its beautiful beach and its tranquility.

Access: 15 min. by vehicle (40 Thb) from Nadan, the pier of Samet, or 15 min. of navigation by Speed-Boat from Banphe. 10 min. on foot from Hat Sai Keow.

Tubtim Resort, a compound of bungalows situated at the South of the bay offers several categories of lodgings and essentially to a clientele of foreigners. The best bungalows are situated on the front beach and facing the sea (500-1.500 Thb).

There have been several complaints of travellers finding the rooms not well maintained and overpriced, a loud music from the restaurant until late at night, the staff helpless when a problem arise -- like being placed in a second line bungalow when you have booked and paid for a front beach one (see picture on the right) -- and the management unfriendly towards foreign tourists. Be warned !

In the North of the bay, Ao Pudsa Resort has in majority a Thai clientele, but warmly welcome foreigners and is our best address in the island for its delicious and inexpensive fish and Thais dishes. About ten basic huts situated at a few metres of the sea are often reserved for long stays (400-600 Thb). The staff is very helpful, even though a little discreet at first.

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Tubtim Resort
View from a front beach bungalow
The beach of Ao Nuan Ao Nuan is the kind of address that will make the Survivors dream with the exclusive rights of a superb small beach. Booking is impossible because there is no telephone, and also because the bungalows are always full... unless you arrive at the good moment and the owner is able then to give you one of the bungalows on the beach and in the forest.

A bungalow at Ao Nuan Access: Accessible from Ao Phutsa / Ao Thapthim by the beach and the rocks or by a narrow trail in the forest. Food supplies are brought in by the road that is behind. It is suggested to avoid excessive luggage to get there...

Info! The restaurant serves very good Thai dishes, the bungalow of our dreams is the one completely made of wood at the north of the beach, in a jump you have the feet in the sand, and in 3 steps, you are in the water...

The beach of Ao Cho Ao Cho is amazing for its tranquillity and its green areas situated behind the beach. Several lodgings are proposed with some bungalows and houses with 4 to 5 independent rooms (300-1.400 Thb).

Access: Only by the sea, or by narrow trails from Ao Wong Deuan, or Ao Thapthim.

Activities there: The activities on this peaceful beach are limited but it is pleasant to swim in the sea because the water is very clean. The beach masseurs offer their services and the place possesses several large swings. For those who wish more animation, the beach of Ao Wong Deuan is at 5 min on foot by a trail.

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